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In 1926 women in Toronto competed to produce the most babies over a 10 year period. The winner would receive the estate of a well-known lawyer/practical joker.

The Great Stork Derby was an interesting  contest held in toronto during  1926 to 1936, in which women residing Toronto, Ontario, Canada, competed to produce the most babies in order to qualify for an unusual bequest in a will.

It is one of many unusual bequests listed in the will, along with giving a vacation home in Jamaica to a group of three men who detest each other under the condition that they live in the estate together indefinitely, brewery stocks to a group of prominent teetotal Protestant ministers if they participated in its operations and collected its dividends, and jockey club stocks to a group of anti-horse-racing advocates.

11 Families competed in the race out of which seven were qualified. In a turn of events  judge Judge William Edward Middleto ruled in favour of four mothers namely Annie Katherine Smith, Kathleen Ellen Nagle, Lucy Alice Timleck and Isabel Mary Maclean.  All four gave birth to nine children from 1926 to 1936 and received $100,000 for their nine children.

Lillian Kenny and Pauline Mae Clarke received $12,500  each out of court in exchange for abandoning pending appeals.

Charles Vance Millar

The race was the product of a scheme by Charles Vance Millar (1853–1926).  Charles Vance Millar was a Toronto lawyer, financier, and practical joker.

He bequeathed the residue of his significant estate to the woman in Toronto who could produce the most children in the decade following his death

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