Operation underway to rescue woman stuck on crane in Toronto

Fire Fighters have joined the emergency crew in an attempt to rescue a woman stuck on a crane in Toronto early Wednesday morning.

Toronto Fire Platoon Chief Kevin Shaw told reporters that the process is slow, but they are on track and confident of rescue.

“We have firefighters going up now. It’s a slow, tedious process, but it’s a safe process for our firefighter,”- he said.

“Once he gets to the top he will secure himself, hopefully lower himself down onto the position where the female is, put her in a harness.”- he added.

Images from the scene show a woman sitting atop of the crane’s hook block near Wellesley Street and Church Street.

Fire officials said they do not know how the woman managed to get onto the portion of the crane. They also added that they responded immediately after getting the report of a woman on crane around 4 a.m.

“It’s very dangerous for all the rescue workers as well as the person up there,” Toronto police Duty Insp. Colin Greenaway said.

“There’s all types of safety riggings, safety latches and ropes that are going to be involved. There’s hundreds of feet of rope we have carried up there already.”– he said.

Police Officials have currently closed the road for rescue operation.

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